ARTIST PROFILE: Vrati, aka. Poster Lad.

Introducing one of our new artists of 2021, Vratislav Pecka.


CHARITY: Hope Not Hate, UK

LOCATION: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

INSTA: @posterlad WEBSITE:

Vrati is an award winning Czech designer living in Amsterdam, producing beautiful bespoke abstract graphic art under the name PosterLad.

“The main idea of this PosterLad is to reinvent the perception of posters. A poster does not have to always promote – a product or an event. Instead, the designer is using the medium to express his design ideas and unique thinking in terms of approaching poster design as fine art. Mainly using simple shapes, geometrically aligned layouts or organically shaped lines and vivid colors, the project is all about pleasing the viewer's eye. Because the world needs good looking things.”

In 2020 Vrati won the German Design Award in Excellent Communications Design and back in 2019 the Silver A’ Design Award in Visual Communication Design. Vrati has certainly made a strong impact in the industry so we’re delighted to represent his work on an exclusive apparel range.


Vrati’s Kollection ‘POZITIV’ aims to encourage the spread of positivity and adopting a daily positve mindset, which he feels currently lacks in todays society due to factors that box us in emotionally, such as politics and media.

He hopes his collection helps to instil the reminder to stay positive, hopeful and optimistic of what is going to come.

10% of all purchases of the POZITIV collection will be donated to Vrati’s chosen charity - Hope Not Hate, UK. Hate destroys lives. HOPE not hate Charitable Trust works in the UK to build communities and celebrate shared identities. We campaign for a world free from mistrust and racism. Read more about Hope Nto Hate HERE.



The option to create something that only I have the control over. I used to study video editing, which I enjoyed but after some time I did not like to be just part of a puzzle of developing a movie or video, so I switched to design and never looked back. I wake up (almost) every day excited about what I will be able to create.


I like to play around with shapes, have it always as some sort of a game where all elements need to fit together, when it comes to their shapes or colors. The most important thing for me is to find balance. And I think that is what also defines my work in general.

WHO/WHERE/WHAT IS YOUR CREATIVE MUSE OR INSPIRATION? Just the craving to design something. There is nothing too complicated behind it. A fresh cup of coffee, blank canvas and some well chosen playlist does the trick for me. Of course, I look around myself to find some inspiration, but the moment when I open the design app is when it actually all starts happening in my head.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE A LAW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Creating and spreading fake news should be considered a serious crime that one can get really long time in jail for. In the Czech Republic, where I come from, this is a huge problem and it leads to the fact that the country is led by a bunch of liars and populists.

WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT TO YOU? Family. And to do something that I really want to do every day.


FAVOURITE MOVIE - Iron Man and old Vinnetou movies. FAVOURITE BOOK - Harry Hole series from Jo Nesbo FAVOURITE BRAND - Apple ONE PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT? - South Korea WHAT‘S ON YOUR 2021 PLAYLIST? - Lots of lounge/house beats music

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