ARTIST PROFILE: Veronika Kiriyenko

Introducing one of our new artists of 2021, Veronika Kiriyenko.

KOLLECTION: A Human Made Catastrophe.

CHARITY: Coalition for Rainforest Nations

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia.

INSTA: @veronchikchik_illustration Veronika is an Illustrator, designer, a self acclaimed drama queen and a dog mother communicating with the world through the images.

“Hiding my sense of humour behind the misery” - Veronika.


Veronika’s collection, A Human Made Catastrophe, consists of three bold designs representing the man made disaster that is - climate change.

Her illustrations for this collection emphasises the neglect the human race has had on this beautiful planet. There is a clear message to take away with us, we need to be thinking more conciously, every single one of us, particularly, in the berhaviours we make daily and how they effect our vulnerable home.

It’s vital that we all take the next steps in becoming conscious consumers and conscious beings. So that we can leave a fruitful planet that can support our future generations.

Each purchase of Veronika’s collection goes towards Coalition for Rainforest Nations who assist tropical governments, communities and peoples responsibly manage their rainforests.



Drawing was always a hobby of mine however only after I’ve spent almost 10 years in the graphic design industry and I realised that illustration is the only way to go.


I don’t remember exactly the day when I realised that people see the same things differently and experience same experiences differently. Everyone is bothered somehow. Some of us are complete pessimists, some of us don’t even see there are a lot of problems with our world, our society. I am personally trying to talk about some of those problems through my illustrations and my sense of humor showing it through my own way of seeing things. I am still working on my creative voice because there is so much I want to tell but I am always not quite sure I’m the one who should talk about those issues. Summing up, I would say that my creativity stand for waking up, showing your struggles but just for informing people there are those struggles. If it resonates — well, it’s amazing. It means we are not alone in this struggle.


I adore art, I am constantly reading and watching some documentaries on my favourite artists or someone new to me. To be honest I am just doing things that pop up in my mind. It can be a statement, it can be a whole image it can be just a simple idea that I will develop further. I’m not sure it’s the right way to do things, but I’m trying just to draw what I feel like right now and do it in a way I think is good enough.

However, talking about my ares of interest I would say it’s anatomical illustration (I’m too afraid to implement it in my work), vintage toys, curiosity cabinets, mythology and symbolism.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE A LAW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Cancel the boarder thing and let people live where they want to live (while, of course, paying taxes and integrating into the culture of that country).

WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT TO YOU? Honesty in what you do, happiness of my family and yeah, I want to be able to enjoy the wild nature in the next 50 years of my life.


FAVOURITE MOVIE - Haha, that’s an impossible one. Right now, I want to say Amelie, because of the calming and positive effect this movie has on me. FAVOURITE BOOK - I’m a crazy reader but I would say ‘Little Prince’. It’s the one that stole my heart forever. FAVOURITE BRAND - I’m a big fan of Lazy Oaf, even though I’m too insecure to wear them. ONE PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT? - Greenland WHAT‘S ON YOUR 2021 PLAYLIST? - Jungles, James Blake, Polo&Pan, Rhye, Foals.

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