ARTIST PROFILE: Edie-Mea McCartney

Introducing one of our new artists of 2021, Edie-Mea.


CHARITY: Eating Disorders Association, NI

LOCATION: County Armagh, Northern Ireland

INSTA: @theartistedie




I’ve always been a creative and a maker, even as a child so it felt like a natural path to take. Going to art school in England is where I began to experiment with my practice and allowed me to identify myself as an artist and illustrator with full confidence whilst also staying true to my brand and creative process.


I love to advocate through my art. As someone who has grew up with a chronic illness, type one diabetes, I have been able to spread awareness for the condition whilst using creativity and colour. I believe art is for everyone and inclusion is important above all else, creating safe spaces where we are encouraged to ask questions and learn from one another is the root of creativity for me.

WHO/WHERE/WHAT IS YOUR CREATIVE MUSE OR INSPIRATION? It sounds stereotypical to say, but genuinely the world around me heavily influences my practice, pop culture, the people I’m spending time with, the conversations I’m having and most importantly new experiences I’m making. I LOVE music and listen to it whilst I create, I take a lot of pictures everyday of patterns, textures, walls, people etc I find interesting and like to play around with ways I can interrupt my surroundings in a positive or interesting way, I find it really therapeutic.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE A LAW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I had to think about this one carefully, thankfully where I live we have recently passed a law where abortion and same sex marriage has been decriminalised, but I think where I live I would legalise the use of marijuana. I personally believe it does more harm than good having it illegal.

WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT TO YOU? Learning and helping. I believe these go hand in hand, and you can never stop learning. I think there is a stigma around not knowing things but I believe we should encourage one another to learn and help one another instead of trying to take each other down. With the age of social media it’s easy to forget to be kind, learn and help others but it’s something that needs to change.


FAVOURITE MOVIE - Scott Pilgrim VS The World or Scooby Doo 2 live action (I mean Daphnes GOGO Boots where ICONIC). FAVOURITE BOOK - “Queenie” By Candice Carty-Williams. FAVOURITE BRAND - “We Are The Trees” a cracker up in coming UK based band. ONE PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT? - Everywhere! WHAT‘S ON YOUR 2021 PLAYLIST? - I listen to a bit of everything , I just love a good boogie! - BeeGees, GRIMES, Cavetown, LP, WATT, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer- I love anything with a good beat!

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